Eric and his son are prepping for a pool party. As Eric looks in the mirror, he replays formative memories of body shaming at the hands of his parents and neighborhood bullies. Returning to present day, he takes in his son and makes the choice to change the narrative.
Director Biography – Matt Sayles
Matt Sayles is a photographer and director based in Los Angeles. Matt focuses his work on creating images that reflect a more inclusive image of beauty and highlighting stories of underrepresented people and communities. He has worked with clients from Netflix to The Hollywood Reporter and his work has appeared on billboards, magazines, and covers worldwide. Matt has expanded his work to motion and film in order to advance the messages and stories he can tell. Matt is a graduate of Stanford University and the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He lives with his wife, two sons and three dogs.
Director Statement
Husky is personal film that I wrote about experiences from my past and present as well others close to me. At its’ core the film is about the way in which the words from those who love us most shape how we see ourselves for the rest of our lives. I hope it encourages everyone to consider the power of the words they use towards others and themselves.


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