Alexander Casimir

It’s hard to describe Alex Casimir. There’s a lot to unpack. Born and raised in gentrified Brooklyn, New York. Son of a single mother who was too paranoid to leave him alone with a babysitter. A kid who would overshare in class and have very little to share at home. Someone who, in middle school, saw Meg Ryan movies as a guide to talking to women. Someone who spent a majority of their childhood as a fat kid and now won’t stop talking about being a fat kid. Alex Casimir is a lot of things. But he hopes people will always remember him as a storyteller above all else.

Director Statement

I wanted to make a short that explored black identity and its evolving nature. When writing the script, a lot of the thematics took after the Ghanan proverb, “Sankofa w’onkyir”, which translates as: “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.”
This is a simple narrative of old vs. new but I hope it highlights the differences in dealing with generational trauma and those who look to face it against those who wish to ignore it.



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