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2022 Winners


Historically, films created by Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour have been underrepresented, underfunded, and underappreciated. Vital to create spaces specifically carved out for marginalized voices, ones where their work can be celebrated and given the space it deserves to shine. A platform to contribute to the changing narrative of diversity and representation within the film industry and the consumer market.

Our vision with BIFF

Amplifying the voices and providing a platform for underrepresented filmmakers and media personalities, while changing the global narrative for BIPOC professionals working in and servicing the creative industries around the world.

NOVEMBER 5 and 6, 2022

It is the only museum in Canada delivering programs and exhibitions dedicated solely to textile arts.

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Nearly 600 Films

We have received approximately 600 film submissions from 25 countries in 2022. Lots of great films to watch.

This year, the additional category, the best-animated film, has got attention from many young individual animators.

Congratulations to all selected films to be screened at the 2nd Edition BIPOC International Film Festival! Your creativity and hard work will be shown to the audiences of BIFF!


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